Viola Barrios
Support Education
2014 Annual Pledge Campaign kicks off to build up scholarship funds and awards.

Little Viola
It Takes A Team
The "Little Viola" Scholarship awarded to Daniela Portillo.

Support Education
Called To Serve
Daniela Portillo at Providence High School

Little Viola
Blessed To Serve
First scholarship recipient Abigail Issarraras is fully engaged in activities at Incarnate Word High School.

Support Education
Viola Barrios' quiet, personal and diligent charity work serves as a model for giving.

Little Viola
Foundation president Louis Barrios' open letter asks for community participation in education awards.


Pledge 2013

VIOLA'S HUGE HEART FOUNDATION (VHHF) has launched it's 2014 Annual Pledge Campaign with the goal of engaging donors to make a difference by giving to scholarships that create a lasting impact in the lives of students and the community. The annual campaign starts with the all-volunteer Foundation, from the board of directors to individual event volunteers helping the fundraising activities throughout the year. The Pledge Drive is presented both online and in special events carried out in San Antonio. Pledges can be made anytime.

EVERY GIFT IS IMPORTANT. From its start in 2008, VHHF has worked to build a community network of collaboration between the Foundation and donors, educational institutions and corporate partners to stimulate the funding and awarding of scholarships. Those scholarships directly improve and advance the learning achievement of students whose academic potential is restrained by family finances. VHHF has awarded scholarships to a high quality high school education to Abigail Issarraras, allowing her to attend Incarnate Word High School, and to Daniela Portiollo allowing her to attend Providence High School, both in San Antonio. Every single gift to the current campaign advances the Foundation's capacity to help more and more students.

MAKE IT HAPPEN. It's always individuals with a desire to invest their gift in the present who change the future of young minds for the betterment of all. We welcome your personal civic engagement, your gift that pushes forward the advancement of education in our society by helping students in our own city. All society benefits from every personal gift. An investment in a student in our community is an investment— one soul at a time— in the present and future of our country. That is why every gift is especially important. Make it happen!

Louie Barrios