2013 Campaign
Support Education
2014 Annual Pledge Campaign kicks off to build up scholarship funds and awards.

Little Viola
It Takes A Team
The "Little Viola" Scholarship awarded to Daniela Portillo.

Support Education
Called To Serve
Daniela Portillo at Providence High School

Little Viola
Blessed To Serve
First scholarship recipient Abigail Issarraras is fully engaged in activities at Incarnate Word High School.

Support Education
Viola Barrios' quiet, personal and diligent charity work serves as a model for giving.

Little Viola
Foundation president Louis Barrios' open letter asks for community participation in education awards.




Creating educational opportunity is the Foundation's role, and Viola's humanitarian heart is its guide.

If Viola Barrios has taught us anything, it is that one person, committed to help another
rise above the restraints of poverty, can make a world of difference for that one person.
Viola saw the need and the capacity of people for self-improvement. And for the young,
through her religious faith and experience, she saw that educational opportunity was
the way to help individuals rise above financial circumstances that deny them a chance
for achievement and a better life. A better life is what she personally achieved for her
children and herself, and she credited her blessings to her religious faith and the
obligations she felt for helping and caring for others. She discovered, while committing
herself to helping others, that she herself was helped. Her charity became a
consummate pledge that she fulfilled time after time.

With the beginning of her small Mexican eatery in 1979, Viola Barrios begin to allocate
a small part of her earnings and clothing to help improve the lives of people in
Bustamante, Mexico, the town in the state of Nuevo Leon where she was born and
from which she emigrated to the United States as a young girl. In her heart, she knew
early in her life that there were people in need of help. She believed that one person
periodically spreading gifts in a community of people could make a big difference in
building and sustaining hope for a better life for those in need. For her, giving was the
central part of her faith. It was a lifeetime commitment, she believed, that returned to
her, her success in business.

It's through timely financial help that a life-altering difference can happen.

Viola Barrios' legacy of giving to those who need a helping hand is a model to present
and future recipients of the Foundation's education scholarships. The Foundation's
scholarships elevate those students to pursue educational opportunities that would be
missing from their lives because of the student's family's financial circumstances. It's
through timely financial help that a life-altering difference can happen. The impact is
both immediate and long-term. It can help give each young scholar the opportunity to
realize his or her fullest educational potential.

Community Participation: Make A Difference Now.

Your donation can make a critical difference in someone's life. A timely gift is what it
takes to begin to lay the path of educational achievement for some young person who
is scholastically qualified but needs financial assistance to move forward in their
educational development.
Every level of donation has an impact on a young scholar's educational path. Here's an
example: San Antonio is pitching in to help out in ways large and small. "We've been
able to give this first scholarship through the generosity of many, and we want to thank
everybody who has donated, whether they gave $1 or $1,000. Every little bit helps,"
Diana Barrios TreviƱo said, citing a couple of examples: A loving son, Louis Guido III,
donated $1,000 in memory of his father, Louis Guido Jr., who passed away Feb. 5
2011. The PK-5 students at Neal Elementary School a few blocks from Los Barrios
took up a collection and made a donation consisting mostly of pennies, nickels and
dimes. These and many other examples advanced the buildup of the Scholarship
Fund. This is how the community responds.