2013 Campaign
Support Education
2014 Annual Pledge Campaign kicks off to build up scholarship funds and awards.

Little Viola
It Takes A Team
The "Little Viola" Scholarship awarded to Daniela Portillo.

Support Education
Called To Serve
Daniela Portillo at Providence High School

Little Viola
Blessed To Serve
First scholarship recipient Abigail Issarraras is fully engaged in activities at Incarnate Word High School.

Support Education
Viola Barrios' quiet, personal and diligent charity work serves as a model for giving.

Little Viola
Foundation president Louis Barrios' open letter asks for community participation in education awards.




Welcome to Viola's Huge Heart Foundation Donation Page

The work of the foundation is to raise money to fund the demonstrated educational potential of students who need scholarships to place them on a path to academic and personal achievement. We believe the financial and moral support these scholarships provide is vitally import to students and inherently beneficial to our immediate community and to society.

In order to help more students who have proven academic promise but whose families are unable to provide financial assistance to help their child achieved his or her educational potential, the Foundation asks every visitor to consider making a donation. America has achieved its greatness because Americans have always believed that education of our citizens is the path for national greatness. Every donation is important. Every donation makes a difference. Every scholarship counts. Make it happen.