2013 Campaign
Support Education
2014 Annual Pledge Campaign kicks off to build up scholarship funds and awards.

Little Viola
It Takes A Team
The "Little Viola" Scholarship awarded to Daniela Portillo.

Support Education
Called To Serve
Daniela Portillo at Providence High School

Little Viola
Blessed To Serve
First scholarship recipient Abigail Issarraras is fully engaged in activities at Incarnate Word High School.

Support Education
Viola Barrios' quiet, personal and diligent charity work serves as a model for giving.

Little Viola
Foundation president Louis Barrios' open letter asks for community participation in education awards.



On June 15, 2011, the young Viola's Huge Heart Foundation reached it's second historic milestone for a young foundation (Its first milestone was the awarding of it first scholarship). It awarded its second private high school scholarship to 15-year-old Daniela Portillo. Set with a full scholarship, Portillo entered Providence High School, a private Catholic high school in San Antonio, as a sophomore in the fall semester of 2011 and is now on course to obtain and take with her a quality high school education that will open her educational future. That's what Providence produces with a quality education—graduates that are headed for college.
Portillo was selected on the basis of her personal qualities and her commitment to her education. The Barrios family calls the scholarship recipients "Little Violas" as the young ladies exhibit the same hard-working and lovely qualities personified by the late restaurateur Viola Barrios. The Foundation awarded its first full scholarship to Abigail Issarraras, now a junior at Incarnate Word High School. The scholarships support young ladies who are academically qualified but who face financial constraints that prevent them from pursing a high-quality education to prepare them for high achievement. The Scholarships are designed to underwrite in full their education through high school.

The scholarship selection process is conducted by educational institutions who then make recommendations to the Foundation. The Foundation then makes the award in the name of the selected candidate. But before this process is engaged, it takes a team—all volunteers, from the president and members of the board of directors to committed helpers, supporters and event sponsors and partners—to raise the money through planned events and donor pledge drives. And then it takes donors who commit themselves to helping students achieve their highest potential one soul at a time. The ground work by the all-volunteer Foundation is on-going and rewarding because Doing Viola's Work is a commitment that opens education that changes lives.