2013 Campaign
Support Education
2014 Annual Pledge Campaign kicks off to build up scholarship funds and awards.

Little Viola
It Takes A Team
The "Little Viola" Scholarship awarded to Daniela Portillo.

Support Education
Called To Serve
Daniela Portillo at Providence High School

Little Viola
Blessed To Serve
First scholarship recipient Abigail Issarraras is fully engaged in activities at Incarnate Word High School.

Support Education
Viola Barrios' quiet, personal and diligent charity work serves as a model for giving.

Little Viola
Foundation president Louis Barrios' open letter asks for community participation in education awards.




A key Foundation field of interest is providing financial assistance for educational study. Just before the foundation awarded its first scholarship in 2009, the Barrios were working on another project with Incarnate Word where Louis' sisters Diana and Teresa and his nieces went to high school. "Maybe we'll award a scholarship to someone," Diana Barrios-Trevino casually remarked. "Four months later, we get this young girl's resume," Diana said. The girl was Abigail Issarrasras, and she could not have been better qualified for the board's first award. "She was valedictorian at Little Flower Elementary School. Her teacher said she was the finest student Little Flower ever had. She had been accepted into Incarnate Word, but she couldn't take advantage of it because of her family's limited financial means. She was being raised by a single mom."
Diana points out the poignancy of Abigail's background. "Our mother raised us as a single mom after the death of our father in 1975, and Teresa was valedictorian at Saint Cecilia's in 1972. Our mother would have loved to help this young girl. The foundation awarded her its first four-year, all-paid scholarship.
The scholarship award was the beginning of a long-term campaign the Viola's Huge Heart Foundation has launched to continue the philanthropic work of Viola Barrios.

Abigail Issarraras In Her Words
Freshman year can be intimidating enough at any school, but heading to an all-girls college preparatory high school like Incarnate Word, that's a different story. Like any normal 14-year-old girl entering high school, I was full of anticipation, excitement and fear the summer before I started high school. I didn't know what was in store for me. I also feared that I might not do as well as I thought I could. More.